Our mission

Our workouts are in very small groups (up to 8 people) or individual. We are putting a lot of effort to design routines that will lead to your self transformation: becoming the best, the strongest version of yourself.

We have lower and upper body high intensity interval trainings, as well as cardio-intensive step and dance trainings. Check out Schedule page to see which workouts we are currently offering.

Next to that, we have small group pilates and yoga (power, easy hatha, kundalini) classes which are helping developing a unique focus of mind and body, necessary to maintain the long term goals.

We als offer a quick and efficient personal training with the help of electro stimulation. We use Miha Bodytec system to stimulate your muscles during the training such that the results are guaranteed. Your body is getting fitter, stronger, and rejuvenated.

A healthy person has a right mindset and a strong body.

Contact us for more information via telephone 061 511 2291, or send a Whatsapp message!

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